I was asked to share my top communication tips to help the construction industry prepare for a No Deal Brexit.

It was part of a video series organised by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (you can view all of the videos over on the CIPR’s YouTube channel).

I explain how there is still time for organisations to prepare for Brexit from a PR and marketing perspective. I focus on three key areas:

  • Workforce and skills: including messaging for recruitment and how to communicate with staff. This includes how companies should be supporting people throughout the Brexit process.
  • Building materials: covering areas around imports and exports, product certification, supply chain management and maintaining quality and safety.
  • Investment: outlining reasons for optimism, such as a rise in the investment in technology in construction. I also mention the importance of partnerships, building relationships and sharing best practice.

You can watch the full video interview below:

I shared my tips to help the construction industry prepare for Brexit as part of a CIPR campaign

My main point, that not communicating would be fatal, is an important one. A lack of messaging often leads to rumour and misinformation filling the void instead. This often causes unnecessary worry and will damage a company’s reputation over time, especially if others are communicating more effectively.

Staff, suppliers, customers and other key stakeholders need to know how Brexit is going to affect your business and your relationships with them. Make sure that you tell them.

Photo by Frederick Tubiermont on Unsplash.

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